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Digital Printing, Graphic T-Shirt Design & Screen Printing

Family reunion, work event, or fun gift idea needed?

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Waddy’s Tees not only provides professional digital printing and screen printing services, but we also offer custom graphic design services, too! Based in Irmo, SC, we work with clients throughout the Columbia area and beyond delivering high quality, affordable, and efficient printing services. From custom graphic designed and printed t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats and more, to custom embroidery, we do it all.

Created by our in-house graphic designer, we also specialize in pre-designing art for you as a way to assist in the garment, color, and design choices. Here’s how it works, and it’s simple! All you have to do is explain your ideas and needs for the custom printing, and within 48 hours we will create a design to present you. We pride ourselves on being able to take your ideas and bring them to life. Call today!

T-Shirt Printing - Irmo, SC

Waddy Tees Custom Design, Printing & Embroidery Services:

Check out our printing and design services, or give us a call at 803-732-7179 to get started! When you receive printing services from Waddy’s Tees, you can count us to be committed to giving you the quality and craftsmanship with the good design and production you deserve.

Screen Printing - Irmo, SC


We love screen printing at Waddy’s Tees! It’s one of the industry’s oldest forms of printing, going back over 100 years. It’s a beautiful, accurate, and vibrant way to place art and design on your choice of clothing or accessory. With the use of Plastisol Inks, we are able to take your single or multi-color image and make it come to life on the garments you select. Our prints can withstand countless washes and will last for a long time.


Embroidery is such an articulate way to present attractive design on a piece of clothing, unique fabric, or textile of your choice. Using a specific needle, we can stitch vivid imagery with thread or yarn using added materials for pop such as beads, sequins, pearls, or quills.

The most important part of any embroidery job begins with the designer. Many software programs make this job easier, but no software program can reproduce the talent of a good designer. Waddy’s Tees will skillfully take your logo or design and convert it into a series of stitches to be placed on the garment of your choice with great attention to detail.

Digital Printing - Irmo, SC


Waddy’s Tees uses Direct to Garment Digital printing (DTG), which is the latest in digital print technology. While screen-printing is wonderful, it does require separations, films, and screens. If you’re looking for a different style of printing, DTG might be for you! When your design or artwork have been completed and are in digital format on the computer, it’s ready to go directly onto the pieces of clothing or accessories you wish to print on. Quick, direct, and very efficient.
Promotional Products - Irmo, SC


Waddy’s Tees is your one-stop shop for any manner of promotional products and materials. If you have a company, organization, church, family reunion, or the like that is looking for an exciting way to get their name and logo out to the public, then Promotional Products are a proven way to do just that. We can put your name or logo on mugs, cups, and so much more.
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